This guy will Kick your financial dis-organisation.
He is a qualified pocket accountant who will help you budget, record incomes and expenses, analyse and focus your financial position and provide you reports for bank loan and taxation purposes.
Your Finance In Shape
Do not get on the wrong side of the law. Calculate, manage and pay your taxes on time.
Track your expenses and manage them on the fly. By knowing where your money goes, you have the power to control your expenses.
Record and analyse your income as it pours in. Know which sources give you the most at the least cost and nurture them.
Use Bwanapesa to achieve perfect organisation of your money.
Enhance Your Financial Fitness
Financial control is enhanced when we know how much we expect to earn and how much we expect to spend. Control your money by budgeting.
Your money should work for you. Find the best investment opportunities by connecting with fellow investors.
Leverage is one way to grow financially. However, without proper records and organisation, no lender will look your side.
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Let us take you on a journey to discover the right balance of earning, spending and investing.
Do you fear that you have to perpetually borrow to meet your needs?
Does the word retire scare the hell out of you because you are not sure you you have enough to retire successfully?
a. Manage and organize your finances to the cent enabling you see opportunities for saving and investing to increase your incomes.
b. Once you are in, with some work, he will put money in your bank account.
Do you fear that you may lose your job anytime?
Job loss
Bwana pesa will help you to:

c. He will expose you to a community that will enable you create multiple streams of income.

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